BANG U Is Back In Session On Playboy TV!
May 21, 2012

In case you haven’t noticed, we like to do things a little differently here on Playboy TV. While most networks are winding down their schedules and getting into boring summer reruns, we’re kicking off season premieres! And one in particular will definitely get you throwing your pom poms in the air. Oh yea, this May the bunny network is going back to school with brand new episodes of BANG U! The hugely popular campus coed series is back after a way-too-long hiatus. And guess what? It’s taking the naughty factor to a WHOLE new level. Back in 2010, we premiered BANG U rather casually. There were no big Facebook or marketing campaigns, just a soft launch full of college girls hooking up. But then, this campus sex party took on a life of its own! A few months after its debut, BANG U became one of the most popular shows on Playboy TV and the Twitter feedback went off the charts! So naturally, we took our all-access cameras right back to the classroom and filmed more of the naked sorority girl action you love! And guess what we’ve got in store for our sophomore year? Locker room lovin’, study group sex and cheerleaders who like poking their face beneath the skirt. If you want a real “education” in college life, check out the brand new BANG U, every Thursday at 9pm E/P!

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