Kristy Garett

Kristy Garett is a woman of the world. Born in the old city of Tbilisi, Georgia, the beautiful (and multilingual) Kristy was raised in Russia, and has modeled in just about every city with an industry, from Paris to Milan, Miami and New York, all the way to Los Angeles, California. It was in this last that she met with Playboy talent scouts and brokered a deal to become the last-ever nude Playmate—talk about a dream job, one that any number of women would have given anything to do. “For me, being sexy is about being yourself,” says Kristy. “It’s all about personality. Go ahead, be a woman—be elegant, but be crazy. Act like a man. You will still be a woman.” To that end, Kristy was thrilled to work with Sasha Eisenman—“He celebrates natural beauty,” she says—and to become a member of the Playboy family as Miss February 2016. “Being the last nude Playmate makes me feel honored,” says Kristy. “I am so proud to be in this iconic issue and to be part of American history. In America, I feel you can really express yourself—and this is me being myself. This is such a big deal.” We think ‘big deal’ is a bit of an understatement—Kristy wears the mantle well, and we can’t wait to see what she does next, with Playboy and beyond.

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