Kayslee Collins

Take one part Debbie Harry and one part Marilyn Monroe, then add looks, smarts and a dash of nourishing California sunshine. Mix well and you’ve got Kayslee Collins, our Miss February 2015. With tousled blonde hair, blue eyes and a surprisingly impish grin, Miss Collins is no stranger to the Hollywood success story – since the age of five, the San Diego-born Kayslee has been modeling, acting and being an all-around shining star. At 23, and as our Playmate of the Month, she’s shining more brightly than ever. “Whether it be through my music, my modeling or my sassy personality, I’m here to inspire,” says Kayslee. “The more I do, the more I feel I have to do. I didn’t really have a normal childhood, but I loved what I did.” When she started out, Kayslee appealed to the teen scene – she made bubble-gum pop and appeared on Disney’s Zoey 101 and iCarly. With a record deal and two gritty singles to her credit, the singer-songwriter is reveling in her rougher and more seductive edges. “I didn’t dream that Playboy would be where I’d end up,” she says. “It’s perfect – I idolize Playboy icons like Jenny McCarthy, and especially Marilyn Monroe.” Posing in diamonds and furs, Kayslee could pass as Marilyn herself – if our Miss February isn’t a blonde bombshell, we don’t know who is. “Like Marilyn, I love being open about my sexuality,” she says. “Everything I do has a sexual edge.” For those interested, a date with Kayslee Collins consists of the following: a stiff Old Fashioned at her favorite dive bar, a live show with a local band, and ideally, a dash of the unexpected. “I love manly men and motorcycles, but mainly, I’m turned on by someone who makes me happy,” she says. “The recipe to my heart is one teaspoon of nerd, two cups of sugar and some adventure sprinkled on top!” Sounds delicious to us.

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