Elizabeth Ostrander

Elizabeth Ostrander is the eighth wonder of the world. Tall and slender, with reddish-blonde hair, she describes herself as a ‘living mermaid’, and that’s certainly not far from the truth – the proud owner of a 41-foot yacht, Elizabeth sails herself around the world, exploring, swimming and sunning in the most exotic locales. Most notably, she sailed from San Francisco to Hawaii, and all the way to Bora Bora. “Traveling has become my obsession,” says Elizabeth. “I knew I’d sail around the world someday!” Growing up in St. Augustine, Florida, Elizabeth was accustomed to sun and sand – “sometimes I played hooky and went to the beach,” she admits – and after a whirlwind few years of modeling in Europe, she made a sudden move to San Francisco. “I’d never been, but I had a friend there,” she says. “So I bought a one-way ticket, packed my bag and took off!” Living in the Bay Area, Elizabeth learned how to sail, and before she knew it, she had purchased an Islander Freeport yacht and was sailing to Hawaii. “While I was at sea, I was feeling a little out of touch,” she says. “I couldn’t get a newspaper in the middle of the ocean, but I did have a pile of vintage Playboys. When I arrived in Molokai, I decided that I wanted to do something big – I wanted to become a Playmate!” How could we say no to a beautiful, natural nymphet like Elizabeth? To prove our love, we even gave our Miss December the cover. “They don’t put Playmates on the cover very often,” she says. “I feel so proud, and it’s definitely an honor. Now that I’m a Playmate, I think people will be interested in me and my story – more than anything, I want to inspire people!” Consider us inspired, Miss Ostrander – full speed ahead.

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