Chelsie Aryn

Like thunder, lightning and other natural phenomena, Chelsie Aryn qualifies as a force majeure. Born and raised in Berne, a small town in mountainous upstate New York, the effortlessly effervescent Chelsie is part German, part Japanese and one hundred percent her own woman. A lover of all things rough, tough and tumble, you’re more likely to find our Miss March on the dirtbike track than shopping or clubbing. “I like to think I’m tough,” she says, upbeat. “In high school, they called me Mighty Mouse, ‘cause I thought I was so tough. But hey, let’s face it – I’m a small girl and a big lover!” The youngest of her siblings, Chelsie Aryn was raised a country girl – a self-described tomboy, she’s afraid of frogs, loves snakes and is often covered in mud – and when she got older, she parlayed that out-country charm into a devoted online following. Technically, this is Chelsie’s second round as Miss March – back in 2011, she won the Playboy Miss Social contest, and along with it, a trip to the Playboy Mansion. “Despite my tomboyishness, I’m a huge fan of Playboy and The Girls Next Door,” she explains. “I even modeled my bedroom after Bridget’s room – bubblegum pink, with tons of Playboy stuff. My tour guide at the Mansion was another Miss March, Jennifer Pershing, which was such a coincidence, because hers was the first Centerfold I ever hung on my wall!” As Miss Social, Chelsie was offered a test shoot, but she held off – her dream was to become a Playmate, and she wouldn’t stand for anything less. We love a woman who knows what she wants. “When I started modeling, becoming a Playmate was my number-one goal,” she says. “At fourteen, I found my dad’s Playboys in the basement, and ever since then, I’ve been obsessed – I have a subscription, I hang up the Centerfolds, and I’m that girl who has Playboy everything. I cried when I got my official Bunny necklace!” As our Miss March 2015, Chelsie plans to branch out, trading deciduous forests of New York for the palm-lined coast of California, but in her heart, she’ll always be a hometown girl. “I’ll be the same girl I’ve always been,” she insists. “My dad made me promise – if I ever became a Playmate, I’d take him to the Playboy Mansion.” We’re pleased to say that our charming Miss March can make good on her promise.

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