Brittany Brousseau

For both men and other women, Brittany Brousseau is formidable. It’s not that she’s intimidating—actually, she’s as fun and fun-loving as they come—but because she’s got that combination of beauty, brains and boldness down pat. “Think of me as sweetness mixed with fire,” says Brittany. “I’d describe myself as very adventurous. I’m always looking for the biggest, best things, and I’m always down for a good time!” Born in California and raised on a farm in rural Kansas, our latest Playmate spent her early days waking up at the crack of dawn and baling hay. Believe it or not, Brittany dreamed of a career in law enforcement, and was actually enrolled at the police academy before making the eleventh-hour decision to pursue a modeling career. Some might call that a case of cold feet, but we think the evidence speaks for itself. “I was discovered when I was eighteen,” she says. “I wanted to see the world through modeling and acting.” Almost overnight, Brittany was a success, appearing in print campaigns and eventually, catching the eye of Playboy’s senior contributing photographer Josh Ryan. “My Playmate story begins with Josh,” says Brittany. “He invited me to test, and I was approved…but then I freaked out and flaked!” Luckily, Brittany came to her senses and returned as our rosy Miss May. “The first time I tested, I’d never posed nude,” she explains. “Taking a year to think it over, I really gained a lot of confidence, and I’m so excited to be here!” From tilling the fields to fielding interviews, our Miss May 2015 has come a long, long way, but she brushes it all off with a wave of her hand. “I’m still a country girl at heart with rough edges,” she insists. “I never thought I wanted to be a Playmate, but it happened so serendipitously. I’m so glad that I said yes!” Happily, we rest our case.

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