Ana Cheri

Ana Cheri’s Playmate-hood has been a long time coming, and now that she’s here, she intends to milk it for all it’s worth. Hailing from beachy Anaheim, California, Ana’s made a name for herself as a fitness and bikini model, go-to brand ambassador and all-around doer of good things. “I grew up thinking the women in Playboy were so beautiful,” she says. “I wanted to be them, and I’m a go-getter. This is me reminding the world that all women’s bodies are beautiful!” Ana’s body beautiful has gained her over three million followers on Instagram, so it’s no wonder she got our attention. In addition to being a one-woman lifestyle brand, Ana owns a gym in Santa Ana where she helps others to achieve their health and fitness goals. “It’s hugely satisfying to me when I see people accomplish their journeys,” says Ana. “When I know others are happy, it’s a kind of gratification unlike any other. That’s why I do what I do.” As much as she loves her job, Ana’s looking forward to being a Playmate, growing her business and taking a well-deserved bit of time off. “My ambition is to have my gym become so successful it runs itself, leaving me with more time to travel,” she explains. “I’m also reviewing scripts now and searching for the right role for my big-screen debut!” Until we get to see this golden girl on the silver screen, we’re more than happy to let her work it out on Playboy Plus.

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