Amberleigh West

Amberleigh West is an all-natural, all-American girl. Tall and slim, with bright eyes and an even brighter smile, Amberleigh comes to us from the Pacific Northwest. “I grew up in Washington State, in a beautiful town called Mount Vernon,” she says. “You’re surrounded by farms, and the summer months are the best—that is, when it’s not raining!” Rain or shine, nothing can dampen Amberleigh’s spirits—she’s a passionate person, always laughing and having a good time, and always ready for a challenge. “I’ve always loved modeling,” she explains. “I sent photos to Playboy Plus, and they invited me to come in for a casting. Playboy models are sexy and classy, and that’s why I wanted to do it!” Needless to say, Amberleigh is a natural. Though she may seem glamorous on camera, she’s a rootsy, down-to-earth girl who loves to spend time outdoors. “Hiking, kayaking, bike-riding—you name it, I do it,” she says. “I also love cooking and baking, playing sports and The Walking Dead.” Amberleigh likes being wined and dined as much as the next girl, but she’d rather go on laid-back, low-key dates. “For me, a first date should be fun,” she says. “You know, like rock climbing, or going somewhere to eat. We could also stay in and watch TV!” Right now, Amberleigh is single—she just got out of a long relationship, and she’s focusing on her career. “I never kiss and tell, but my biggest turn-on is loyalty,” she explains. “I don’t mean clingy—that turns me off. Just do your own thing, and we’re good!”

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