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7 Lives Xposed, Meet the Tenants

  • Mackenzie

    Managing the building is Mackenzie, a mysterious photographer and sex blogger who somehow knows what's happening behind every closed door.

  • Spencer

    Spencer is a cocky financial analyst who has the family money to buy anything he wants and the game to seduce any woman he desires.

  • Dylan

    Dylan’s a hotshot ad executive whose insatiable appetite for anonymous rough sex continually wreaks havoc on her career and personal relationships.

  • Nick

    Nick is a college professor, aspiring musician and a chronic gambler, but he may be best known for a very impressive physical feature that no woman can resist.

  • Haley

    Haley’s a sexy yet struggling Spanish actress who auditions for many roles, but may give her best performances in the bedroom.

  • Mike

    Mike is a fighter with a tough guy exterior that masks a tender heart. He loves his wife Penny, but is tempted to open up their fragile marriage.

  • Penny

    Penny’s a naive small town girl unused to the bright city lights, which causes plenty of trouble for her and her husband Mike.

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