Jealous Lovers On Episode 4 Of BROOKLYN KINDA LOVE
February 7, 2011

How do you behave in a relationship? Are you someone who gets bent out of shape if someone eyes your guy or girl? Or do you play it cool and try to bury those jealous emotions? This week’s BROOKLYN KINDA LOVE is showing off a little of both.

Chris and Nikki are hitting the bowling alley and she’s getting plenty of attention from all those guys with the polished balls. Let’s just say, it’s not the rented shoes that are turning these fellas on. Chris didn’t look too happy about Nikki’s flirtations. Could she be doing it just to get a rise out of her normally laid back lover? Frances and Braniff, on the other hand, are far from subtle about their jealous ways. Just take a look at the confrontation that went down after their salsa routine. Amazingly Braniff can still look VERY intimidating, even when he’s wearing a dancer outfit! And how about that cab ride home? We almost felt like these two were channeling a bit of that other show the BROOKLYN guys created. Vinny and Rhiannon seemed to have a nice time at the beach, until we got her latest bombshell. Just how serious is that “medical condition?!” And yes, we were all happy to see Bek and Erin again, especially when they went to that “demonstration!” Wow…Screw Tupperware parties, this hostess was showing off stuff that’s A LOT more enticing. Could these two have brought some of the merchandise home with them? Looks like we’ll find out next week.

Next up, Episode 5 and maybe a third partner for one of the couples?! Things are definitely heating up. Don’t miss the next BROOKLYN KINDA LOVE episode, Saturday February 12 at 10:00pm E/P!

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