69 SEXY THINGS: The All-Time Faves!
May 12, 2012

Certain Playboy TV shows welcome audience participation and that certainly is the case with 69 SEXY THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE. You see, half of the ideas we came up with were sent in by fans like you. Who knew John R. from Chicago had the inside scoop on naked sushi eating? Well he did and tipped us off to an incredible erotic dining experience (which you can see in episode 4). Our Georgia fans had some great suggestions too. Oh yea, it was thanks to them that we discovered Mile High Atlanta. For everyone who wanted to join the “Club,” it’s a great way to get titillated at 10,000 feet. And did you know that it was 69 SEXY THINGS that laid the groundwork for SWING? Yup, years before Dr. Jessica O’Reilly was opening the doors to our couple-swapping mansion, 69 profiled the one-and-only Swingfest! You guys loved that segment so much, we created a whole show around it. And that’s what really makes 69 SEXY THINGS (and Playboy TV) great. We build our content based on your input. So keep Tweeting, posting and sending emails…and if you want us to cover more THINGS, let us know. After all, we still haven’t explored the “sex in a space shuttle” idea yet. NASA, are you listening?

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